Limbo Unhinged is described as a circus-cabaret extravaganza and it really couldn’t be described any better. But at the same time there is so much more to it! Though there are a bunch of circus-related tricks like sword swallowing (which was crazy!), there is almost a bit of a story to it. One character seemed to be finding his own way in the circus throughout the performances.

Also in regards to seating, you may think if you don’t sit in the front row you’re safe. Though the front probably get more interactions, that didn’t stop them bringing a women from the back onto the stage. And the way they move around above you and amongst you, it really makes you feel like you are a part of it. One negative thing is, the seats are quite uncomfortable, especially to be sat in for over an hour.

Now I don’t want to give away the whole show but at the same time there is just so much that happens. The physicality of these performers is insane but they also do a lot of it almost effortlessly and with a smile on their face and jokes mixed in. There was a small joke about the corona virus but he instantly acknowledged it was probably too soon, it is.

Though this show isn’t billed for it’s fashion, it almost should be. The outfit changes for a few of the performances really provided another element to the performances as a whole, whether it was a long flowing skirt or even just a pair of skates. But some performers were just simply in a pair of jeans and that was quite nice in the way it wasn’t trying to be fully all glitz and glamour.

A couple of the performances I felt also played a lot on what gender orientation should do what performance. For example, there was a pole put in the middle of the room and I heard the ladies behind me assume they knew which women it would be, but it was a fully clothed man. He gave a great performance and 1 segment even included a feather which he gave me. The little touches. Oh and the male performers doing a sassy number is a must-see!

So I would say if you want to see a show that is cabaret, circus and so much more, definitely go check out Limbo Unhinged! I can guarantee there is something you haven’t seen before and you may, like me, wish you could do all that too.


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