Review by Fluffy


Brisbane-based post-hardcore/pop-punk We Set Signals are serving up their long awaited full length ORDOThe band have been rising from strength to strength since signing to US label We Are Triumphant and have bought a large-sized serving of riffs, breakdowns and hooks for listeners to devour. 

‘Give Me A Sign’ opens with fluttering synths and deep tom rustling accented by melodic vocals and a structure that ebs and flows expertly. The ominous and vaguely unnerving synth work spills over into ’We Want You’ which sees the classic dichotomy of screamed verse into clean chorus rear its head at least once. 

In ‘Meet Me At Stralight Drive In’ we’re treated to big riffs, high energy and a whole boatload of sonic fun and ‘Wish I wasn’t right’ begins with big throwdown, pit-starting energy, with our familiar synthesiser friend returning to provide contrast and aural pivot points.

On a whole ORDO teems with youthful exuberance and on-point production. The opus marries masterful musicianship with shining optimism. The escapism I felt listening to these 10 tracks was palpable and provided a chance to take a deep breath in and centre my mind while immersed in the dips and drops and wonderful progressions of these artisan tunes. 


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