New Zealand born singer-songwriter Evea – who’s real name is Eve Tatom – writes about issues in society and ourselves that play through our minds day-to-day. Evea grew up in Lyttelton, a small harbour town in the South Island. She draws a lot of inspiration for her music from her hometown, from the churning seas to the beautiful rolling hills – the cover art for ‘Wanderer’ is a sketch of a road from these very hills.

Her debut single, ‘Wanderer’, encourages her listeners to lose themselves in the music and take away their own meaning through its emotional lyrics and melancholy, yet energizing, composition. The acoustic feel of this track aligns with her view of the town – raw and full of emotion. The task of creating ‘Wanderer’ was a large one as Evea composed, played and produced the track herself, wanting it to be completely authentic and true to her vision of the piece. She constantly considered more creative elements to bring into the song, and many instrument changes and harmony layers later Evea was finally ready to release her first single.

For Evea, every day brings her new inspiration for her songwriting and composing. Music is her biggest passion in life and she is beyond excited to see what the future holds for her music creating, always looking for ways she can get outside of her comfort zone in her music and let creativity take ahold. Influenced by artists such as Girl in Red and Mazzy Star, Wellington-based Evea puts her own spin on the dreamy indie pop-rock style to create a track full of uniqueness and truth. With many more projects on the horizon, this is not the last you’ll see of self-produced Evea, who hopes to invoke emotion and connection through her music for a long time coming.


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