Tāmaki Makaurau-based electronic collective Hoisin Sauce have dropped their debut tune – an electro-clash banger titled ‘Back Heavy’. Meticulously crafted by Jess “The Chef” Dowlman (of cross Tasman trip pop duo MØLLY), Brendan “Mr B_Licious” Mc Mahon and Flint “Lemon Pepper” Jackson, the snappy dance/pop tune is a spicy, sex positive number befitting of the ragtag gang’s regular haunt of Karangahape Road, that pays generous aural hommage to their glorious leader/muse Peaches. Even aspects of the production seek to challenge gender norms, with Dowlman opting to pitch shift her lead vocal line down in order to sound more masculine and keep listeners guessing.

‘Back Heavy’ is a redux of a song from Dowlman and Mc Mahon’s older project Five O’clock Shadow Pussy which included production contributions from Gwylm Evans and Jon Hardcastle (aka DJ 2FUK2) under its umbrella. One obligatory relocation to Australia later and the pair have learnt a thing or two about life, love and big tunes and have channelled these new perspectives into the glistening single you hear before you – with a little help from their pal Lemon Pepper, of course.

Fun fact: Jess is actually a chef and is responsible for damn fine (pre-COVID) Karangahape Rd vegan pop-up Benny Boys under the eerily appropriate moniker Apocalyptic Foods.


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