Last night Horrorshow played their first headline show in Auckland at Galatos. I had been looking forward to this show for a while so I was glad to end my week with this show. Kicking things off were twin brothers 1174.

The crowd was small and slowly dripping in. But they didn’t eat that get them down and let the crowd know they were the lucky ones because “usually it’s packed and people are shoving and kicking”. eleven7four had a lot of energy and I thought it was awesome to see they just decided they were going to give a great performance “We’re doing this like it’s a million people in the room. Let’s have fun”. What I liked about 1174 is they seemed to have something for everyone whether it was a fun pop track or a grunge rap track with some eerie autotune. It was a good time.

More people packed in but there was no doubting it was going to be an intimate show. Horrorshow took the stage and dove right in. The crowd really got into it and it honestly felt like the whole venue was full. The energy was there. “Thank you for coming to see us. You could be anywhere but you chose to be here with us”. Both Adit and MC Solo were clearly having a great time and I think that came from both them and the crowd feeding eachother such fun and positive energy. You would have thought with a smaller crowd that people may be a bit hesitant in doing things like singing along but the crowd sung as loud as possible and it was beautiful.
You got us feeling real good tonight. We’re here to make you feel good so for the next song I just want you to be free. Shake what your mama gave you”.

The set was full of old tracks and also a bunch of tracks off their most recent release ‘The New Normal’. My favourite setlist moment has to be when superfan Josh who was right at the front going hard the whole night, told the guys to not cross out a song. This was ‘Not Many’ which they did on Triple J for ‘Like A Version’. So they did it just for him “Well played Josh”. And honestly it went off, but I am really not surprised, it’s a NZ staple. It was also cool to see that David Dallas also made an appearance in the crowd that night, I wonder what he thought of it. 

Though it was a small crowd, it was honestly one of the most fun gigs I have been to in a while. Horrorshow clearly loved it too. They let us all know that they will be back and we will look back on this moment and share it with others. As they performed ‘Eyes Closed’ they got the crowd to shut their eyes and reflect for a bit, they did. Then to end the set they performed a track that the girls at the front had been shouting for all night. MC Solo said it was for them and their patience. He asked everyone to feel it.

After the set MC Solo came out by the merch and had a chat with fans. It was a nice way to end the night. Did you debate coming? Well you should have! You missed a special moment and a truly fun show.


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