Introducing Dunedin-based singer songwriter Abby Wolfe, who has had a jam-packed year with gigs including supporting Tom Walker and the release of ‘Free Falling’, the song she wrote at APRA Songhubs with other kiwi artists including Maala. 

To celebrate the release of ‘Free Falling’ which was written about love and acceptance, Abby embarked on a classic kiwi roadie – taking her song from Auckland to Dunedin with The Hits radio station. She has been making use of her time during lockdown by learning some new skills and performing mini-concerts online. 




1. Happy NZ Music Month! How did you initially get into creating music?
Yay music month! I grew up with a pretty musical family, we always had music playing at home. But it wasn’t til I was at intermediate when I started playing in bands that music for me started. I was the Keys player in a band, but they pretty quickly let me know I wasn’t very good & they were in need of a singer. I’d never sung before so it took the band twisting my arm to try it & I ended up being okay. From there I taught myself guitar & started writing songs when I was 15, fast forward 8 years and here we are.

2. Tell us about your inspirations & motivations?
I grew up listening to my parents’ music so I’m sure I’ve drawn inspiration from The Beatles, Grateful Dead, Norah Jones &, Fat Freddys Drop to name a few- But my biggest Songwriting & Artistry inspiration has always been P!NK. I love the way she writes, she’s bold, unafraid of critics & always honest. Her music has helped me through some rough patches, so my motivation as a songwriter is to pass on  the raw honesty in my music to hopefully help people through times when they need it.

3. What have you been up to in this lockdown and how has it affected you?
I’ve been loving this pace of life. Music is my “job” but it never feels like work so I often forget to take time to write & just be. So I’ve spent my time upskilling – learning Piano & some production as well as going for walks and relaxing! Though, I’ve definitely gotten to a point now where I’m missing being in the studio & on stage – so I’m hanging out for life to resume.

4. What do you think of the NZ music scene?
I love NZ Music, we have some of the most crazy talent in this country.

In the few years I’ve been involved in the industry I’ve met so many driven, passionate and lovely humans. We’re so damn lucky to be supported by so many creative agencies, I don’t know many other places in the world that look after Art and Artists the way NZ does.

5. Goal board time – where would you like to see yourself in a year’s time?
Go big or go home right? Sold out world tour – here we go!




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