Jack Panther is a queer indie-pop artist born in Auckland, but now based Wellington. He blends tones of melancholy with pop and ‘This Dream’ is the first single from his upcoming EP, which he made in the UK with acclaimed producer Ian Barter (Amy Winehouse, Paloma Faith). From beginning to finish the tracks on the EP tell a narrative of summer love, long distances in between and heartbreak. His writing intertwines personal experiences with relatable feelings, which reveal Panther’s own unique style of vulnerable and brooding indie-pop.




1. Happy NZ Music Month! How did you initially get into creating music? 
Awh thank you, NZMM’s such an awesome time of year! It’s strange, no one else in my family seems to be very musical or creative. I started writing poetry when I was 14 which then turned into melodies which I’d often develop with my mentor growing up – Timothy Williams. 

2. Tell us about your inspirations and motivations? 
The older I get my motivations and inspirations seem to change almost every day? 

In the past year or so I found it really important to ‘come out’ as an artist. I want to explore sexuality more within my music and self expression – I feel isn’t expressed or represented enough in pop music. I wanted to be honest and true to myself as a creator, I feel as though I owe that to the younger, up-and-coming generation of LGBTQI+. 

3. What have you been up to in this lockdown and how has it affected you? 
Lockdown’s been pretty wild for me, it’s true what they say in that out of moments of destruction, powerful things can emerge. With a passing of a family member during lockdown, it forced me to push myself even further (possibly as a distraction? I don’t know). Writing heaps for sure, the start of another record maybe? 

4. What do you think of the NZ music scene?
The NZ music seen is so exciting to watch! Studying Commercial Music at Massey University I was able to witness daily the incredible generation of young musicians emerging!! 

5. Goal board time – where would you like to see yourself in a year’s time? 
In a year from now I’d love to push myself further with my live set, have a couple of festivals under my belt and release a lot more singles and maybe even an EP or two! 



Jack Panther has released ‘This Dream’ – a brooding and melancholic song, which lays down the foundations for the indie-pop artist’s upcoming EP. 

Listen to ‘This Dream’ HERE

Deeply personal and introspective, ‘This Dream’ was inspired by an intense and vivid dream Panther had about his now ex-partner.

“It was the height of summer and we had only just met. We knew the only way we could continue was to do long distance. The night before we separated to go back to our normal lives, I had a dream that we were married. When the dream ended and I was still half asleep, I picked up my phone, wrote down a couple of keywords before I fell back asleep. It was a strange, mystical dream and I didn’t know how to tell him. Instead of telling him, I wrote this song in the morning sun of my porch.”

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