If you have followed The Ghost Inside since before their accident or even since then. You know how big of a deal it was that they performed again or even that this album now exists? They released ‘Aftermath’ to a huge emotional response from fans, especially with the video. But listening to the album at midnight last night really hit hard. I don’t know if it’s hearing their journey, hearing them play again or even just what’s going on in the world but I think it’s an album I needed or maybe we all need. And I am so happy for The Ghost Inside on this release – It is incredible!


TGI @ Unify 2020 – Shot by Shelley Te Haara for The Faction.


The Ghost Inside, the fifth studio album from metalcore band The Ghost Inside is out today via Epitaph Records. 

The self-titled album arrives as the follow-up to the band’s 2014 release Dear Youth, which debuted #63 on the Billboard 2000, and will be the first release since their tragic bus accident in 2015. Created with producer Will Putney (Every Time I Die, The Amity Affliction, Knocked Loose) and longtime friend/collaborator Jeremy McKinnon of A Day To RememberThe Ghost Inside is 11 songs of determination, deep resolve, reflection, and newfound hope. 

The band had worked on material for their fifth album prior to the accident that claimed the lives of their driver, the lives of everyone in the other vehicle and resulted in multiple injuries for all of the band members. Jonathan Vigil (vocals) suffered from a fractured back, ligament damage, and two broken ankles. Zach Johnson (guitar) has since had 13 surgeries for a femur injury. Andrew Tkaczyk (drums) ultimately lost his leg. The band collectively came to see the ordeal as a moment to put their inspirational lyrics to the test. Songs that were once more philosophical in origin had become autobiographical.

The accident will always be a defining moment for The Ghost Inside, but never what defines them. The album taps into the raw emotional things they’ve been through, but the songs are not about reliving the worst day of their lives. “This isn’t about what happened to us,” Riley insists. “We won’t get lost in that one day. This is about our journey, our growth, and who we are.”

The ultimate victory for The Ghost Inside is their triumphant new self-titled album.




In 2004, The Ghost Inside formed in El Segundo, CA united by their shared passion for bands in the hardcore scene. The band has since released four studio albums; Fury and the Fallen Ones (2008), Returners (2010), Get What You Give (2012), and Dear Youth (2014).  

The group stands for authenticity, dedication, perseverance and the most literal adherence to the core values behind their craft. Sonically, the group places equal emphasis on deeply personal vocals, urgent riffing and pile-driving breakdowns within the framework of their heavily melodic modern hardcore.

The Ghost Inside is Jonathan Vigil (vocals), Chris Davis (guitar), Zach Johnson (guitar), Jim Riley (bass), and Andrew Tkaczyk (drums).

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