‘Showing My Affection’ is an emotional soundscape, created from memories experienced by the artist. Pegg translates his love of tonal structure by surrounding the lead vocal with effortless harmonies. The song contains underlying cinematic tones which portray the diverse characteristics of affection, capable of an adaptive meaning, based on the listener’s life experience. The main goal of ‘Showing My Affection’ is to connect with people on a more personal level, allowing anyone to relate their own emotions, and make this song their anthem.


Will’s musical journey started in 2011, when he was successfully auditioned as a chorister for the Christchurch Cathedral Choir. Since then, he has released his debut EP ‘Element’ in 2018 and continued to write and produce music. Now, he is studying a Bachelor of Commercial Music at Massey University whilst working on an upcoming 16-track album.


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