Now most people who know me know I’m a fan of Yungblud. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that I’m reviewing this. This EP has been a long time coming and though it is only an EP, it is everything I expected it would be.

Yungblud has always been very outspoken and true to himself. He is quite open to all his fans online and is very much a fan of his fans. This EP has been described as a bit of a voice for them. And it is definitely that. It can be seen as anthematic, political, grungy, punk, confrontational etc. It is really what you want it to be. There is so many different elements to this EP that there surely must be 1 track you like.


TRACK BY TRACK BREAK DOWN (My interpretation):

braindead!: A high energy kickstart to the album and very punk. A blunt statement-of-a-track.

parents: I meant the title says it all really. It’s very much about just doing you. Everyone wants to experience things. This track is more of a fun one and so is the video.

original me Ft. Dan Reynolds: I really love this track. It is a great one to sing-a-long too. Or should I say scream. This is almost a bit of an anthem. A mix of be true to you and it’s okay to not be okay. Scream it out. Dan (from Imagine Dragons) is perfect on this and the video is simple yet passion-filled and incredible.

casual sabotage: This is definitely my favourite on the EP. It’s a bit more slow and quite emotional. It seems like a self-reflective track. I feel like this track shows the EP changing to a more vulnerable or emotional sound. Quite a few tracks are like this but done in a more upbeat way. There is a passion in his words.

hope for the underrated youth: This track is about being treated differently because of how you live or what you look like. But also how people shouldn’t underestimate those people. Keep fighting and being true to you. The video reflects that in an almost Les-Mis-style.

waiting on the weekend: This is an acoustic track. it is essentially about waiting on the weekend as the title says. How you feel and what you think during the week. A slow and somber way to end this EP.


This EP is incredible! And as part of it Yungblud has also released more merch and also a comic book, which can be bought on his merch site.

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