As most of you know, I am a huge fan of The 1975. So as their show got closer, I decided I want to document those like me, the fans. I probably didn’t get as much content as I thought I would but I think this is enough. I also like the idea that you see a few people repeated throughout, showing the lead-up to the show, which I also have photos of.


Fans started camping the Monday afternoon. The show was Wednesday night. This was a tricky situation due to Fleetwood Mac playing Monday night, but it worked out. These photos were taken on Tuesday.

Show Day

More people turned up from early hours of the morning. There was The 1975 merch everywhere, though most of it was from the merch stand which opened in the early afternoon. There was some custom made stuff like the handwritten flag and the custom jacket.

The Show

The fans were so happy and screaming the words, as was I.

Though the lighting was great, I do feel like it was also quite difficult to work with. But I am still grateful I got the opportunity to do this and have the best night with everybody. And we get to do it at Laneway Festival next year (and maybe towards the end of next year. . .watch this space!).

My review and some photos (including No Rome):

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